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Respite Center Push Back

300 to 400 a day — where to house them?

McALLEN – The last part of November, local news coverage dished up glowing coverage of the new Catholic Charities Respite Center on Hackberry near Memorial High School where an old nursing home stood for years. Now instead of attending to the elderly, the nursing home was no mas, and in its place was the respite center giving care to poor people from Central America who had bypassed Mexico’s offer of asylum, wanting instead to seek asylum and live in the land of milk and honey. Love was in the air.

A month later, however, some surrounding neighbors are complaining that city officials didn’t ask them their opinion before allowing Catholic Charities to open up a new respite center in their midst.

At the heart of the issue is what to do with the increasing number of illegal immigrants arriving in the RGV every day? The feds process them and then drop them at downtown locations near the McAllen bus station. It then becomes the city’s job: what to do with them until they can get on a bus to go visit a relative they say they have living in some other U.S. city?

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