Mayor Leopoldo “Polo” Palacios

Still recovering from fall

Pharr’s longtime mayor may retire from public office
By G. Romero Wendorf
For Pharr’s longtime mayor, Leopoldo “Polo” Palacios, it’s been a long, painful recovery from the hard fall he took Oct. 16 while attending a ribbon-cutting event. “For a guy like me who’s used to being out, meeting people, working, being off my feet since the middle of October, for 40 days as of this Wednesday, has been like torture,” he said Monday during a phone interview. Palacios was hospitalized for several days before being sent home. Except for doctor visits, he’s been housebound ever since. “My doctors say I should stay home and let my body recover,” he said. “But let me tell you, it’s not easy. The ribs are the worst.” Palacios cracked several ribs – the most painful part of the recovery, as he puts it – and injured his arm in several locations. “I have another doctor’s appointment next Wednesday. More Xrays. I’m hoping he’ll release me after that.”
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