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Raise Your Hands to Lose

Truth Matters

A couple years ago polls showed that healthcare was considered the top political issue by the American people. The fact that Republicans had been unable to repeal and replace Obamacare with a better insurance system was viewed as the reason for the House gains Democrats made in the midterms.

Now, however, a recent poll indicates immigration has taken over the top spot in the public's thinking. There are several reasons for that. The cavalcade of caravans heading up through Mexico got the public's attention. The spread of immigrant gang violence has also been a factor. I read recently MS13 members brutally murdered a girl within a couple blocks of the elementary school I attended as a kid. That brought the threat home to me, and I assume similar incidents have likewise alerted people across the nation to the danger. There is also the recognition by the minority communities that the influx of illegal immigrants is costing them jobs and that the competition with undocumented workers is lowering their wages. Recent outbreaks of diseases long thought to have been eradicated from America have also caused alarm bells to ring.



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