Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo

Tony Romo continues to amaze

By G. Romero Wendorf


Tony Romo is on a mission this season – to quiet his critics who say he can’t win the big games. The games that really matter. Winning the Super Bowl wouldn’t be bad either. Sunday night, Romo reminded me of one of my old faves – Joe Montana. Cool under pressure, that was Joe. Sidestep one tackler, dodge another, move in and out of the pocket, keep looking down field for an open receiver, and then bam, like a shot, whip that football through the air right into the waiting arms of the wide receiver or the tight end. Now granted, the season isn’t over, but unless they fall completely apart over the next five weeks, Da Boys will make it into post-season play this year, for the first time since 2009. If the playoffs started this coming weekend, after only 12 games, Dallas would be seeded fifth and would be playing the fourth seed, Atlanta. But as they say, five more weeks can feel like an eternity in the NFL, especially where injuries are concerned. 
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